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Downhill Spa Master



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The Downhill Spa Master is a premium downhill Zorbing ball for water (aqua) rides

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Product Description

The Downhill Spa Master is premium downhill Zorbing ball for water (aqua) rides.

The material we use for the Downhill Master is thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) of the best quality available world-wide. The TPU has a thickness of  1,00 mm, it is highly transparent, very flexible and has superb scratch and abrasion resistance.

The Downhill Master is extremely temperature resistant and usable from – 22°F to +120°F.

The Downhill Spa Master is delivered with an inflatable door plug secured at 4 points. The door plug completely closes the entrance tunnel.

Logo branding is possible.

We recommend the Downhill Master for the use at professional and commercial downhill zorbing sites.

Raw material: thermoplastic polyurethane, thickness: 1,00 mm

Outer sphere’s diameter: 10.5 feet

Inner sphere’s diameter: 6 feet

Entrance: 1, diameter : 2 feet 

Strings: over 300, 5 mm – any string colour available

Anchors (hooks): over 600, TPU, European, colours: black or transparent

Supplied in durable carry bag with repair kit and door plug


Transport size (deflated): 4 feet * 3 feet * 3 feet 

Weight: 200 pounds 


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